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  1. Ne, hete då ''MakubeX'' Jag kommer ihåg dig dock Smurfen :) Har dock hålligt ''MacKnight'' nu i massa år :)
  2. Thanks everyone :) I would like if you guys be able to comment in my other topic on the forum as well :D
  3. Hello everyone, just wanted to share an old cover I made back in 2008. Before the game was even released. And it now never will be, because they change the name of it for release. As they did with many other things. The 2 games in question, is Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and Final Fantasy Agito XIII. Which have been renamed. Versus is now Final Fantasy XV, and Agito is now Final Fantasy Type-0 HD The cover I will share here, is my own version of Versus XIII i made 7-8 years ago. Hope you like it :) Even if the game will never be released with that name. (Full flat scale version: https://hosting.imangascans.org/images/finalfanta.jpg
  4. Hello everyone, MacKnight here. (Vet ej om alla här e svenska eller några engelska, så jag skriver på engelska). I was a member of Swecovers.se about 7 years ago. Made a few covers, had quite a good time with the people there. Hope to have fun this time around as well! :D
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