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  1. Congrats on the promotion
  2. A local soft drink that I have been drinking since I was born, it goes really well with Captain Morgan but not tonight
  3. Maleficent Font Single OTF file - Published & Created by Jeniffer Zúñiga Maleficent.rar
  4. Pro Collection of 18 OTF fonts in nine weights plus italics - Foundry Type Design Worldwide Designed by Rajesh Rajput. Morganite.rar
  5. Waters Titling Pro Regular by Adobe Couple of the letters have been altered slightly for the title but should not be hard to duplicate that part. Download
  6. 11 OTF Fonts in the set Waters-Titling-Pro.rar
  7. Sorry for the lack of new posts folks I have lots to share but my time has been very limited of late, hopefully that will change soon.
  8. Happy Birthday Johnny
  9. CT's Handmade Grunge Stroke Photoshop Brushes Set of 9 High Quality 3000px each - File Format ABR works in Photoshop CS6-CC only! CT-Stroke-Brush-Set.rar
  10. There it is, I looked in the settings but could not find it, guess I'm not familiar enough with this software yet lol
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