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    Poster size: 4961x3508 and credit text in png layer. jumanji-2-next-level-resources.zip
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    Poster size: 4961x3508 pixels jpg format Credit text: 2018x314 pixels png format Spider-Man Far from Home resources.rar
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    Annabelle Comes Home poster

    Resolution: 3781x2416 pixels Annabelle_comes_home_full_poster.rar
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    Maleficent Font

    Maleficent Font Single OTF file - Published & Created by Jeniffer Zúñiga Maleficent.rar
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    LE MANS '66 poster & title

    Poster size: 2480x3508, Title 1200 pixels Le Mans 66 full resources.rar
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    Terminator: Dark Fate poster

    Poster size 2480x3508 pixels Terminator_dark_fate_full_size.zip
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    High resolution poster 5000x3373 pixels. UPATED 2019-10-27 Once upon a time in Hollywood poster.rar Once_upon_a_time_in_hollywood_new resources.zip
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    Disney Aladdin 2019

    • 2.94 MB
    • 3170x1760
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    Godzilla II King of the Monsters title in png layer and jpg poster. Godzilla 2 tt.rar GODZILLA_KING_OF_MONSTERS_V_DD_TT_2000x3000_300dpi.rar
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    Poster size: 4961x3508 pixels jpg format Credit size: 1800x320 pixels png format Men In Black International resources.rar
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    Hello everybody. This is how it can looks when printing the new Star Wars.
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    GT America font family

    Complete family pack with 84 fonts Compressed Condensed Expanded Extended Mono Standard Grilli Type - GT America.rar
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    Blooodshot poster & credit text

    High resolution poster and credits in png layer. Bloodshot-resources.zip
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    Call of the Wild poster & title

    High resolution poster and title in png layer. call_of_the_wild-resources.zip
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    • 599.44 kB
    • 1500x1500
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    Guy Ritchies latest movie The Gentlemen poster art and title, credit in png layer The-Gentlemen-resources.rar
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    Joker (2019) poster & credit

    nice, thanks
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    Joker (2019) poster & credit

    Poster size 3508x4961 pixels Joker_resources.zip
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    Poster size: 4961x3508 and credit text in png layer. bad-boys-2-resources.zip
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    What are you drinking right now?

    You're so silly I don't know what I'd do without you on this site...
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    What are you drinking right now?

    https://teelingwhiskey.com/teeling-whiskeys/small-batch-whiskey/ and of course a couple of beers, atm some of Pistonheads exellent brews. And, no, im not affiliated to any of the companys mentioned in this thread, im just a regular buyer
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    What are you drinking right now?

    A local soft drink that I have been drinking since I was born, it goes really well with Captain Morgan but not tonight
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    What are you drinking right now?

    Sticking to some swedish stuff today, Norrlands Guld, an underrated beer, and Grönstedts VSOP Monopole Cognag, a high quality, low priced cognac that includes brands at an average age of 24 years.
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    Poster size 3508x4961 pixels The_addams_family_resources.zip
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    Poster 3508x4961 pixels Zombieland_2_resources.zip
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    Warner Bros UHD Blu-ray

    Blu-ray UHD 4K Template created by ctaulbee, the RAR includes a PSD file with editable layers. Please don't re-post this to any other sites. WarnerBrosUHDBD.rar
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    Hello everyone

    Hi all just found this site by mistake, been looking for some thing new for a while now. I have been making covers and labels for a few years now but have not been doing it as much as I would like to. Anyway nice site and glad to be sticking around......
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    Bumblebee 2018

    • 3.64 MB
    • 3170x1760
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    Disney Dumbo 2019

    • 2.87 MB
    • 3170x1760
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    Polaroid (2019) poster + credits

    Poster and credits in high resolution 5000x3500 pixels. Polaroid resources.rar
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    Happy Birthday jcdesign

    Thanks Guys!
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    Happy Birthday BajeeZa

    Happy Birthday Johnny
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    För fans av gamla Queensryche; Sweet Oblivion feat. Geoff Tate
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    Annabelle Comes Home poster

    Great posters JC!
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    GHOST 1990.jpg

    © greggeast

    • 3.54 MB
    • 3118x1748
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    The Kid (2019) nordic retail dvd

    © jcdesign

    • 5.8 MB
    • 3240x2175
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    Great resource!
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    GOOD QUALITY!! ★★★★★
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    Spies Like Us 1985

    • 2.64 MB
    • 3170x1760
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    Avengers Endgame 2019

    End Game
    • 2.77 MB
    • 3170x1760
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    © krogare

    • 10.64 MB
    • 3170x1760
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    Warner Bros UHD Blu-ray

    gracias amigos se agradece
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    Annabelle Comes Home poster

    There it is, I looked in the settings but could not find it, guess I'm not familiar enough with this software yet lol
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    Svensk symphonic metal; Eleine - Until The End (2018) https://www.eleine.com/media
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    CT's Splash Brushes

    20 of My Custom Hi-res Photoshop Brushes 2000px - 3000px each. This is a large ABR file about 32M archived. CTs_Splash_Brushes.rar
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    Std Collection of 4 OTF fonts - Published by Insigne Designer Jeremy Dooley Aviano.rar
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    The Hustle (2019) poster & title

    Nice. Thanks
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    © greggeast

    • 997.02 kB
    • 3170x1760
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