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    Disney Swe template blu-ray

    Psd layered file, complete with fonts. All editable for your own taste. Normal edition Font using: Arial (not included, standard font) Arial black (not included, standard font) Helvetica Neue 77 bold condensed Helvetica Neue 57 condensed Helvetica medium Swis 721 condensed Swis 721 bold Post Antiqua medium Disney blu-ray template (2014).rar
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    Polaroid (2019) poster + credits

    Poster and credits in high resolution 5000x3500 pixels. Polaroid resources.rar
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    Happy Birthday jcdesign

    Thanks Guys!
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    Lite nytt från "svenska" Therion, videon är väl "så där" men låten är rätt mäktig. Lite "fun facts"; min exfru satt barnvakt åt Christoffer Johnsson när han var liten (säger en del om hur gammal jag är)
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    Sign in or register with facebook

    Nice new feature Janne
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    Winner Cover of The Year (2016)

    Congrats JC. Fantastic Cover!
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    Winner Cover of The Year (2016)

    Congrats jc
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    hi everybodyim glad to find this site and hope to be a fully member herei can design cover not bad but im sure be good with help of yours ..thanks
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    ctaulbee new Adminstrator

    Congrats on the promotion CT.
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    Welcome mom
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    Här kommer en mall till Nordisk Film. Nordisk Film bluray 2013 template by (krogare).rar
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    • 2.61 MB
    • 3170x1760
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    Marvel Captain Marvel 2018

    • 2.9 MB
    • 3170x1760
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    Warner Bros UHD Blu-ray

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    Warner Bros UHD Blu-ray

    nice thank you
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    Happy Birthday BajeeZa

    Happy Birthday BajeeZa!
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    The Angry Birds Movie 2 (2019)

    5000px Key Art Set TABM2.rar 5000px Title Treatment TABM2Title.rar
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    The Hustle (2019) poster & title

    Resources for this movie, 3 poster, title and fonts. The Hustle resources.zip
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    The Hustle (2019) poster & title

    Nice share JC!
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    Warner Bros UHD Blu-ray

    Thank you for your work
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    The Grinch (2018)

    Custom Blu-ray Cover Download here: The Grinch (2018)
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    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

    Custom Blu-ray Cover Download here: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
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    Svensk heavy power metal; Manimal - Purgatorio
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    Sabrina (1954)

    This cover was created with B&W images that I colorized, I thought I would share the source images so that members could see the before and after. Here are the original Black & White source images used for this cover: The cover can be downloaded here: Sabrina (1954)
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    Warner Bros UHD Blu-ray

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    20th Century Fox UHD Blu-ray

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    Std Collection In 15 Weights OTF - Foundry Typodermic Designed by Ray Larabie. Steelfish.rar
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    GT America font family

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    Dunkirk poster

    Nice share.
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    Thanks for the share JC.
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    Once Upon A Time Säsong 4

    Finns att hämta hem här nu:
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    Bad Santa 2

    Bad Santa 2 poster.rar
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    Bad Santa 2

    Bad Santa 2 title high res.rar Bad Santa 2 credit text high resolution.rar
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    Many of todays internet sites is secured with ssl. Today we join and install a ssl to secure the site with this encryption. This is good for all parts. So http:// is now https://
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    This month cover competition was really hard. Ctaulbee and Tmscapbook was equal, so there was a new poll and at the end ctaulbee was winning with his cover "Alice in Wonderland". Congratulation.
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    Please join me in congratulating jcdesign on winning COTM April 2016 with his fantastic cover for The Hateful 8. See the vote results HERE
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    Congratulation to greggeast for winning this month competition with the cover PAN (2015). Link to the award page: [Hidden Content]
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    Finns nu och hämta här: [Hidden Content] Även säsong 2: [Hidden Content]
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    Welcome to our new Coverdesigner ctaulbee He has shown by his uploads that he maintains a high standard and there is no doubt that he will belong CoverDesigner team. Congratulation! (Moved from VIP Members)
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    The winner of this cover of the month goes to ctaulbee for his "Avengers" blu-ray cover. With only two votes before ctaulbee, blu-ray´s "Edge of Tomorrow". Well done everbody who join this month competition. Gratulerar till ctaulbee för 1:st platsen i tävlingen månadens omslag. Med 2 poängs marginal till blu_ray´s omslag "Edge of Tomorrow" kom blu_ray på en god andra plats. Bra gjort alla som deltog i tävlingen.
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    Godzilla (2014), cover till DVD

    Godzilla R2 Swe Cover.rar
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    jag är kravlös så jag bugar o tackar för den fina mallen
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    smurfen (RIP)

    Lasse Stefanz - Trouble boys

    ploblemet är löst ... här är pojkarna
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