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How to upload new cover

First visit Cover Downloads category and press Submit button.

Select a category where the cover belong.

In my case BD UHD 4K

After this press continue

Press Choose File (The cover you want to upload)

After this It´s require a screenshot. Every cover has a maximum width at 1000 (DVD) 900 (BLU-RAY) pixels and label have 500 pixels. Do not try to upload bigger screenshot, the system reject It.

Write the movie cover name at File Name and in Descriptions what kind of cover it is like retail or custom.

In Type press paid and write the price of the file in the field below. And then the cover file dimension in pixels. At last Save & Submit File button.

This is how it looks when the upload succeed.

A closer look a the preview thumb. Congratulation for your first upload. If the upload not meets the requirements and your cover is gone after a moderating check it has probably been deleted because it failed to meet our high standards.


How to download cover files with credit

For downloading the file you want in full resolution, press Buy Now button.

Choose to pay with Account Credit and then press Place Order and pay button.

After this the Download button shows, press It to download the cover in full resolution.

Save the file on your harddrive.

Take a look a the cover from your computer, and then make us Designer and uploader happy to
review the cover, first with star, then a comment and press the review button. Thanks!

If you not want to review the cover, at least leave a comment and thank the cover uploader.

That´s all. Enjoy!!!!!

How to charge credit to your account

First of all, press the Account credit button (this will be only work if you are a registered member).

Now you see how much credit there is in your account. Press the Add Credit button

Fill the amount of credit (minimal 100 SEK)

Pay with your card or choose Swedbank for bank transfer.

After the payment is done your account credit looks like this 100+.
For bank transfer (wait for approval) normally the same day or maxiumum 24 hours.

Look at next guide how to buy covers with the credit.