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How do I get access to the full size covers?
To see the covers in full size, you must have a subscription. You can easily buy a subscription for 1 month or up to 6 months. For more information visit the subscriptions tab.

How do I Download the covers?
After you have opened the cover in full size, hold over the cover, press the Download Image button and select Download.

What does It mean "Earn access"?
To earn access, you have to contribute something like upload your own cover or help on the site with different things. If you upload a few covers, you can get back a subscription for a period. If you load large quantities, you can get free access to everything on the site without having to pay anything.

Can I join the site and help as a moderator?
You do not designate yourself as a Moderator, we do this when we notice that you have good knowledge and can help in a good way. You have to visit the site often and show that you care.

What is the history of the Cover-Friends?
Coverfriends has its history long ago. The first website was built in 2004 with simple html. In recent years the site was based on php and gallery where the members themselves could upload their own covers without anyone in admin needing to help. In 2008, we also started to post a forum to more easily communicate with each other. Since then, it has just rolled on where we are now.

How to upload covers

By jcdesign, in Guides,

Here is walkthrough how to upload your covers the easy way. Do not try to upload low res covers, they will be deleted.

Press gallery and Add images, choose which category they belong.

Set your name and save

Credit your cover like this example and save.

If you want to tag do this and save.

Add your cover, covers

Choose 1 or multiple. Gallery can handle up to 500 images in one upload.

If you want to add extra description, mark the image and type in description and then save details. When you are done with all images press Submit.

The images are now soon uploaded. just wait to this is done. Congratulation that´s all.
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